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iPhone Hire & iPod Hire.

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iPod hire and iPhone hire is available here.

We have an unlimited supply of iPod and iPhone hire available. We can deliver these devices to you in any quantity, and to any location. We have a range of these and other event related equipment that we can hire, as well as technical-staffing and Wi-Fi experts on hand to help. iPhones are useful for a variety of event functions such as event apps.

Why do businesses use iPod hire?

People occasionally ask about what clients use iPod hire for? After all, the original version of this portable media player was released in 2001. Only the seventh generation iPod Touch was still in production as of May 2019. There are a number of reasons people still rent iPods. They aren’t just for music but as external data storage devices- it still handles some mild computing functions such as games, photos, videos, calendars and more. They work as a mobile gaming system, are useful for translating languages, and work brilliantly as a mobile register for point of sale transactions.

When staff at the Apple store, or numerous pop-up shops or event vendors needs to ring up a transaction, the iPod Touch works within a credit card swipe case. It goes from an older Apple device to mobile register in seconds, and at a very affordable rate. Clients rent iPods from us for the same purpose.

iPhone hire and iPod hire are useful as scanners, card readers and payment terminals. Businesses rent iPods to facilitate these transactions because they are inexpensive to rent and work just as well for Point of Sale purchases.

iPhone hire and events.

For event software, iPhone hire is a popular request. They are useful for registration, polling and voting features, VR experiences, rapid sales transactions, on-site content collection, event networking, and sharing live updates. This software is more popular than ever, and our client rent iPhones to give their guests direct access to the apps while in attendance.

Variety and quantity is never a problem.

Sometimes you just need to rent iPhones quickly, in bulk and online with as little hassle as possible. We’re here to help you so the process is as easy as possible, and your order arrives just when it’s most convenient to you. We have the latest models of iPhone and the older classics too. We guarantee that any Apple product you need can be arranged in the volume in which you need it. Rent iPhones 7, 8, 8+, X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max or the very latest model. We always make sure that you can rent iPhones that are the newest version, as sometimes this is what our clients prefer. You can also rent iPods in whichever quantity you desire.

Our Products to Hire

The complete event package.

At AnytimeTabletHire, we have all of the event equipment you could need for your next event. You can rent iPhones and a lot more. Do you need Audio-Visual equipment? We have LED video walls, monitors, digital signage, projectors, mics, speakers and PA systems. We have digital mixers and accessories. We have such as cash drawers, L7 cases, iPads, and scanners. We have MacBooks, iMacs, additional laptops, and the new Microsoft Surface Pro. It’s not simply that we rent iPods. We have an entire event range that you can choose from. Our technical event staff can deliver your equipment, set everything up and work throughout the event to make sure that your digital experience goes exactly as you planned. d be on our way. This is the most affordable solution to all your short term as well as long term problems.

To rent iPhones or for iPod hire, as well as for any of our additional services or hardware rentals, please contact our service team today.


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