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London iPad stand hire is simple and affordable.

iPad stands are infinitely useful for the event industry. iPad stand hire provides added security for your devices. The stands house hidden cables so you can have access to a power source continuously. iPad floor stand hire is great as an information provider and wayfinding device; it keeps traffic moving at an event in the direction you intend. iPad stand hire can include a variety of brands, such as Bouncepad, Moonbase and Heckler stand hire. Rent iPad stand options from us and you’ll have the latest equipment, in pristine condition, with the option for additional service, delivery and much more. London iPad stand hire is available anytime of the day or night, and it’s one of our specialties.

About Heckler stand hire.

Heckler stand hire is known for its quality, durability, and impressive design. It’s an iPad desktop stand. These stands are secure; rent Heckler for a base that can only be opened or closed by four fitted screws and a custom screwdriver. The laser-cut steel is impressive, but also sleek and professional looking. Heckler stand hire is one of our most popular requests, and it’s easy to see why. The equipment works well at a variety of events, functions and fundraisers, and is equally useful at tradeshows, conferences, conventions and festivals. Need Heckler stand hire for your next event? Our customer service team will help you rent Heckler in any volume, even for last minute deliveries.

About Bouncepad stands.

Bouncepad stands are robust, well-designed and easy to use. They are designed for function and utility, yet the minimalistic design is professional, and can work at any event or function. Bouncepad stands have developed a bit of a cult following, and it’s not surprising. They have iPad floor stand hire designs and iPad desktop stand options as well.

Our Products to Hire

Additional iPad stand hire is available.

You can rent iPad stand packages from us in a variety of brands. Rent Heckler, Moonbase, or Bouncepad stands. Choose from iPad floor stand hire or iPad desktop stand rental. Bouncepad, Heckler and Moonbase are iPad desktop stand options, whereas we have quad stands, which can hold up to four iPads at once, and tripod stands which are adjustable to three different heights and are great for filming with the iPad. Quad stands and tripod stands are both examples of our iPad floor stand hire inventory.

Branded iPad Cases for event marketing.

Branded cases for event are great for business events as well as promotion. Customers who are using the cases will notice the professional streamlined look while they are using the devices. As iPads are portable, you have a marketing tool that moves throughout the event and vocalises branding messages wherever it is used. The branded iPad cases for event are durable and will protect an iPad from damage, scrapes and accidental drops. All the time, the logo will keep talking; your marketing message will reach a larger audience without anyone saying a word. So, if you want to make your event spectacular and stun your audience, get the branded iPad cases for events and add pizzazz to any and all events.

iPad stand hire and so much more.

AnytimeTabletHire has a number of options available when it comes to events. We have services and hardware, as well as software integration. We rent Heckler and a variety of iPad desktop stand options. Our London iPad stand hire professionals have a reputation for excellent service and capable delivery and setup. We aren’t limited to stands, however. We rent iPad stand packages as well as iPads, iMacs, Surface Pros, touchscreens, AV equipment, and more. We have EPOS devices, and gaming equipment for hire. We have a team of technical event staff that help you with anything you require on the day. At Anytime Tablet Hire, London iPad stand hire is just the beginning.

We can help you rent iPad stand packages such as Heckler stand hire, or any other event related equipment or services that you require. Get in touch with any of our team, any time day or night, and we’ll help you create a package that’s right for you.


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