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Touch Screen Hire starts with the event technology leaders.

We have event equipment of every variety at AnytimeTabletHire. This includes the latest touchscreen monitors and we have a variety of sizes and specs available. Rent 55 inch screen packages with capacitive touch technology that provides an interactive experience for event attendees. Hire 40 Inch Screen packages or 27-inch models as well. The latest touchscreen technology allows you to use your finger or a stylus pen to operate the display and fully engage with your presentation. The experience is much more powerful through human touch.

The applications of Touch Screen Hire.

Touch Screen Hire is more popular than ever for a variety of functions. They are used for interactive, engaging educational seminars. A bit of human interaction combined with the latest technology draws in the learner while engaging them in the digital content and helping them learn on more than one sensory level. Touch Screen Hire is also used for exhibitions and tradeshows as marketing tools that guests can get involved with. At entertainment events and charity fundraisers, Rent 55 Inch Screen or 27-inch screens for live quizzes and surveys, as well as interactive Q&A sessions.

Touchscreens are made with capacitive touch technology and glass overlays so they are durable and have the perfect sensitivity to touch. You can use them in nearly any environment, and they’ve become commonplace at events throughout the country. Touch Screen Hire has been harnessed for use in nearly every setting, from boardrooms to pop-shops and fundraisers. Guests are attracted to technology that they can touch. It’s more interesting for them to watch a presenter engage with a digital display through touch. Rent 55 Inch Screen or Hire 40 Inch Screen packages in any volume and we can deliver anywhere it’s most convenient for you. We travel to the smallest towns and the largest cities to deliver digital experiences that are uncommonly good.

The AnytimeTabletHire experience.

With our services and products, you’ll have everything you need for an innovative and interactive experience. Perhaps you want to Rent 55 Inch Screen models or Hire 40 Inch Screen options for a small networking conference or a large national exhibition. Perhaps there’s a fundraiser that’s happening and you want to increase guest interaction and add a bit more engagement. We can help you with these goals, and we have the professional technical team that can provide additional services and advantages. When you Rent 55 Inch Screen packages we can transport the equipment to the venue of your choice and set everything up. The same is true for clients who seek to Hire 40 Inch Screen packages, 27-inch models, or any of our additional technology products.

Our team knows how to best assist you. We can advise on integrating all of your equipment so that everything works together to create a digital experience that runs flawlessly. Our technical team is trained extensively and has been working together for over a decade to create events that are inspiring and unique. Beyond Touch Screen Hire we offer Audio Visual equipment such as digital mixers, mics, speakers, and digital signage. We have EPOS equipment for payment and check-in and we also rent monitors, desktops, iPads, and more. There really is very little event equipment that we don’t offer.


Our services also include WiFi. We can install satellite, access points, MiFi and more. Our options are as varied as your events and we’d be pleased to help you with a free quote or consultation at your earliest convenience.

To hire 27, 55 or 40-inch screen packages, or to access more information about any of our additional products or services, please contact us today. We have a customer service team standing by 24/7!


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