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Technical event staff are available globally.

Who’s helping to setup your next event? There’s a lot to consider, including project management, deployment, logistics, installation, and on-site technical support. At AnytimeTablethire, we can help with just about any aspect of an event that you require, from initial idea to event completion. We have the latest technology for hire, but we also have the technical experts who best know how to manage it.

Training and experience.

Our technical team has a decade of international experience to recommend them. Each member of our staff is trained not just to work well, but to work within a team effectively. Everyone from our project managers to our technicians, to our marketing team has experienced multiple elements of our events and understand the business from top to bottom. We work in different areas, and provide services to regions located in our 9 global offices. Our technical event staff enjoy what they do, and work with a positive, professional attitude at all times.

Project management at AnytimeTablethire.

Our project management is first-rate, and we can be as involved in an event as you need us to be. Sometimes this includes some ad-hoc planning and services. Sometimes clients prefer us to take the lead, managing everything from delivery to derigging, liaising with the venues, training staff, etc. We are comfortable with any level of event planning and project management. Let us know what your next event needs and we’ll create a blueprint to best manage it.

Logistics: we’ll get it there.

We handle all aspects of deployment, with built-in timelines to manage any eventuality and still get your equipment delivered on time. Our technical event staff work quickly and effectively to pack up, deploy, unpack, install and break down equipment in strict accordance to venue timelines and event schedules. We don’t believe in making excuses or arriving late, and our teams are briefed and deployed to ensure that project completion is executed flawlessly. We’ve cleared customs in over 50 countries from Europe to Egypt, to Africa, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand. We’ve been to small towns in the US, and remote areas like Papa New Guinea. We can arrange shipment within 24 hours, and we never limit the number of devices you can hire.

On-site support throughout an event.

We offer both remote and on-site support, depending on your event requirements. If you need an on-site presence throughout your event from start to finish, we’re the experts. We’ve deployed technical event staff for exhibitions, international festivals, corporate conferences, product launches, educational seminars and trade shows throughout the world. We install equipment, configure software, and test that everything is in good working order. We also can train event staff on any needed software or IT functionality required. Having staff on-site throughout an event helps to create a fluid experience that is managed from arrival to exit. This gives event planners peace of mind, and helps them to focus on its more creative aspects.


Internet Services and networking engineers.

What event doesn’t need secure, high-speed internet? Regardless of how many devices are being used, how many individuals are in attendance, or how much broadband your event requires, we can help. We have networking engineers who are part of our technical event staff team at AnytimeTabletHire. Whether you require satellite installation, remote access points, MiFi, hardline or personalized bonded internet, we can provide it. Our team members will evaluate the site, let you know what the infrastructure can accommodate, and build in alternatives for connectivity as necessary. We also always devise a plan for back-up Wi-Fi, should anything happen. We like to plan for any eventuality.

For more information about technical staff or any of our products or services, contact AnytimeTabletHire today.