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iPad mini rental at AnytimeTabletHire.

Hire iPad mini 4 or look at the latest iPad mini for advantages that you may not even have considered. These tablets are efficient, intelligent and fun to use.

We have the latest iPad minis 5th generation models available at AnytimeTabletHire. They have a 7.9-inch screen, an A12 bionic processor, an M12 coprocessor, and storage starts at a healthy 64GB (available in the most basic model). Other features include the Apple Pencil stylus compatibility. It’s price savvy for those who want the advantages of an iPad but not necessarily the full cost. It’s also extremely lightweight, coming in at 10.62 oz (301g). They have 3GB RAM memory, are Bluetooth compatible and have a display resolution of 2048 x 1536px. This iPad mini rental is the Apple tablet with the highest pixel density to date (it has 326ppi as opposed to the standard 264 of the previous model). Touch ID is also a given. Read on for information about iPad hire mini 4, which is another popular request from our clients.

Rent iPad mini 4 and previous generations as well.

We have all makes and models of Apple products and the iPad mini is no exception. Hire iPad mini 4 for a brilliant display, sleek design and an app library that leaves little to be desired. This tablet can actually fit inside of your pocket- which is perfect for individuals who are on-the-go. It’s thinner than its predecessor, weighs just 299g, and has an intelligent screen and the reputed craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Apple. Rent iPad mini 4 for check in solutions, educational seminars, conferences and Point of Sale interactions.

iPad mini rental is ideal for events.

Event planners utilise it for check in and entry management. Vendors like them for the ease with which customers can order food and beverages, and easily pay for them. It can be held in one hand which is convenient for multi-tasking. They are great for corporate events and charity fundraisers as guests can donate to causes, play games and participate in live Q&A sessions. They also alert staff of VIP arrivals, present double booking with live apps that work in real time and help guests with wayfinding tools, menus and networking with each other electronically. Whether you use the newest model, or you rent iPad mini 4 for comparable functionality and a lower cost is up to you.


Rent iPad mini 4 or 5 for the total tablet package.

You can have the option of hiring as many iPad minis as you need, and we have the latest complimentary accessories to go with it. Try the Apple Pencil, which enables you to combine hand drawn notes and sketching with the newest technology. We have cables, chargers, and SIM cards available. We can also pair your device with latest software and add branded landing pages or logos to create a streamlined look for your business or event. iPad mini rental is simple, and our customer service team is standing by to help you sort out what you need to create digital success at your next event.

AnytimeTabletHire has a variety of services and products.

Have you heard about our other event products and services? We offer technical event staffing and this can include delivery, integration, setup, derigging, and training event-staff as needed. We can install WiFi so that your event is completely connected. And we offer many products including Audio-Visual equipment, EPOS, Virtual reality headsets and gaming laptops, mobiles and more.

To hire iPad mini 4 or any of our additional event equipment, please get in touch with us 24/7.


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