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PA System hire at its best.

AnytimeTabletHire is a global event technology and services provider. We have a lot to say about the right Audio Visual equipment and we can offer you PA system rent options you may not even have previously considered. Crisp, clear audio is non-negotiable at events. If you can’t hear the message, even the best speakers won’t stand a chance. When you rent PA system equipment from us, we provide professional service, timely delivery, and the highest quality event products from name brands and sound industry leaders. PA system hire needs to have high resolution sound with wide bandwidth. The equipment needs to be simple to mount, with high efficiency amplifiers and ample wattage.

PA system rent packages that have the best features.

With our options you rent PA system equipment that has zero delay, sufficient bass and clarity that knows no equal. We offer brand names like Yamaha; who are known for sound equipment that delivers acoustic energy directly to your audience. PA system rent options such as Yamaha DXR12 PA speakers are simple to mount; they come with rigging points and U-brackets which provide the options of vertical or horizontal rigging. They have a 3-channel mixer and also feature class-D amplifiers. When you choose to hire PA system packages, you may want the option of setup and delivery through our on-site support; a technical team to transport your equipment to the venue and install it, test the sound and make any adjustments needed throughout the event.

All of our Audio-Visual equipment is tested, and has been approved by our technicians for superior sound. We know that it’s one of the most important parts of an event- a sensory experience that is flawlessly clear, with sufficient projection and zero feedback. This is completely achievable. We hire PA system equipment that is not just high-performing, but which is durable, user-friendly, and simple to mount and derig.

Applications for PA system hire.

PA system hire is used for a variety of events. It is hired from members of the charitable, financial, corporate, marketing, and educational sectors. PA system rent packages are hired for exhibitions, trade shows and corporate conferences. The equipment is rented for product launches, awards ceremonies, and charity fundraisers. Acoustics and sound quality are as important to us, as it is to your guests. We understand the fine balance of volume and clarity and that different venues are going to offering different sound projection capabilities. PA system rent packages have to be affordable, simple to hire even for last minute events and functions, and they have to perform well whether your hosting an event in a Grade II listed church or a modern office building with every amenity.


Our complete range of services and products.

We offer a variety of hardware and software for events. We have video and sound equipment that is cutting-edge, the latest EPOS devices and technology, gaming equipment, laptops, iMacs, digital signage, and more. We are also working in conjunction with leading app developers to create bespoke apps for events with a variety of functionality. Our services also include having not just PA system rent packages, but professionals who are courteous, highly trained, and genuinely a pleasure to work with. We have both remote and on-site support options with a technical team that can keep everything running just the way you need it to. Let us know what you need and we’d be happy to help you create a unique package. We also have WiFi solutions and installation options.

For more information on PA system hire, or any of our additional products or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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