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Rent satellite internet at AnytimeTabletHire.

There are some events that require satellite internet hire. Music festivals can take place in remote areas that lack an existing internet supply. Mobile conferences that take place on transport vehicles won’t have the infrastructure in place to connect your attendees with secure, high-speed Wi-Fi. What’s the solution? Satellite internet hire can achieve the Wi-Fi connection your event needs for a successful guest experience.

Internet is needed for a variety of reasons at events. Guests will inevitably be posting to social, checking email and engaging in live Q&A or event apps. Video feeds can monopolise a lot of broadband, especially at events where attendance is high. Software and payment processing relies on a Wi-Fi connection to take data and authorize payments in real time. Broadcasters rely on this technology for temporary setups that require more than the average 4G. You can rent satellite internet from AnytimeTabletHire and satisfy all of these functions, and it’s a lot simpler and more cost-effective than you may realise. A poor connection is not what you want attendees to remember. Also, your guests’ social updates are great for business, and more than ever, these updates are live.

Satellite Internet defined.

Before you decide to rent satellite internet, it may be helpful to review some of its more significant history. What is satellite internet and how does it work? Satellite internet involves three main components: a modem, a geostationary satellite and satellite dish. Satellites are orbited in space approximately 23,000 miles above the Earth’s equator.

We’ve come a long way since the first satellite was launched in 1957. The idea was envisioned and proposed by Herman Potocnik in 1928. NASA is responsible for the first successfully launched satellite into geostationary orbit in 1963. It took a long time for the equipment to become accessible for functions like remote events or conferences.

In the last ten years, we’ve seen the greatest improvements. Since the most recent innovations, newer high-powered satellites have been launched with narrow spot beams for broadband applications that provide coverage over a smaller, more distinct area. Capacity and performance have improved significantly in the last decade. Satellite internet hire is now more cost effective and reliable than ever.

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Satellite internet hire from AnytimeTabletHire.

When you rent satellite internet from AnytimeTabletHire you can be certain of a few things. We have the most affordable prices for satellite rental that you can get anywhere. We also have professionals who can install it quickly- they can setup internet for you in about an hour. Last minute event and you’re not sure about the quality of your connection? No problem- at AnytimeTabletHire we have network engineers that live and breathe satellite Wi-Fi.

Our internet experts will examine your venue area, provide testing, and give you with the information you need to decide on the best plan of action. We have local teams throughout the world who will be familiar with the area and infrastructure. Another part of our service is that we travel to any location to install internet. We are one of the few companies that can be anywhere in the world to install satellite internet hire or provide you with any of our other services and products. Events can take you anywhere- and we support your penchant for travel and enthusiasm for new arenas. This is why we say ‘Yes!’ when other companies won’t.


Need to rent satellite internet or just have some questions about it? We’re committed to assisting you! Contact our team today for all of our options and a free quote.


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