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Looking for corporate iPad hire?

We can help you with iPad hire for your next corporate event. There are so many reasons to utilise iPads for your corporate and business tasks. At conferences, they are ideal for check in. Positioned on stands within the lobby of a business event or conference, they make registration simple and significantly reduce queues. Using kiosks can also be ideal for creating signposts and presenting wayfinding information for guests. Strategically positioned throughout an event, they can both guide and inform attendees through key actions and information menus. Branded stands will also provide hosts with a bit of marketing and create a professional streamlined look.

Corporate iPad hire also supports badge printing for attendees. Utilise software and connect to portable printers to easily print passes, badges and wristbands as needed. They also can facilitate receipt printing for purchases at trade shows and exhibitions.

Business meetings can be more interactive with live Q&A sessions and iPads can be the perfect tool to get your guests participating. Add slide sharing, polls and surveys to your speaker presentation and you get an interactive experience that boosts interest and creates enthusiasm.

iPads also support the practice of going paperless at meetings, an eco-trend that guests and hosts alike are incorporating into events with greater frequency. Environmentally friendly practices are more important than ever to the business community. Brochures, maps, and additional event materials can be incorporated into iPads. Information can be sent digitally rather than pre-printing and distributing large amounts of paper documents. Printed materials may not be as useful or accessible as their digital counterparts. iPads distributed to guests at their tables or presented in kiosks can provide event information such as menus and also send guests materials electronically with the touch of a button.

iPads in every model and spec available for business events.

iPads are used at conferences and product launches. They are popular at trade shows, conventions and board meetings. Even corporate fundraisers employ them at attendee tables to use for quizzes, games, polls, and fundraising donations. We carry every type of the latest iPad including the iPad mini, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. The quality of this Apple technology is indisputable; each has the intuitive operating system, powerful processor and software application range that iPads are known for.

iPads in any amount, delivered anywhere.

We provide business iPad hire for any event, in any location, and in any amount. We can handle an order for a single iPad or for several hundred iPads and have the stock to handle last minute orders. We are a global company who can deploy equipment within 24 hours. Our professional event team can integrate, pack, deliver, install, and maintain an event presence from start to finish. We have a professional, courteous team of technical staff who enjoy what they do and are happy to help you.


About our equipment.

We have stock in 9 countries which enables us to mobilise quickly. We have technical-staff who care for and maintain our equipment, testing each iPad prior to deployment to be certain that it’s in top condition. Cables, chargers, accessories, and equipment are carefully packed up and delivered to the venue of your choice with the utmost care. We have both remote staff and on-site staff available to help you with any eventuality. Our timings are precise; we deliver on time without exception. And our team is skilled and experienced; they are our greatest asset.

For more information on any of our event equipment, including our business iPad hire, please contact our customer service team. We are available 24/7 to help you with a free consultation and a quote.