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Chargebus Sync devices available for hire.

What is Chargebus, and how can the product help with your next event? A Chargebus Sync charger is a trademarked name and product, that has come to be known for its quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Events can necessitate charging multiple devices at once. We always provide equipment that is fully charged, but multiple-day events may inspire you to hire additional multi-port chargers (or our technical staff who can sort it out for you)!

Think about all of kit you are bringing in. Consider laptops, iPhones and iPods (often used for registration and Point of Sale) iPads, L7 cases, etc. The number of outlets are going to be limited and depending on the size of an event, can be completely inappropriate for charging. That’s why the multi-port charger you use is essential to your business.

Benefits and applications of the Chargebus Sync

We’ve had a lot of experience with keeping equipment charged; it’s part of the logistical responsibilities of an event team. Equipment that loses its battery mid-event is not useful. It’s awkward to need to charge an item mid-speaker or fundraising pitch. As an event professional, your requirements are simple. You need a full charge, the best equipment rental, and a bit of peace of mind. You need a device that charges while it syncs, for maximum efficiency.

Chargebus is a great solution. These chargers are rugged, built to last and stylishly designed. The silver device looks sleek and professional in any environment. Chargebus is also a local British company- all Chargebus Sync products are developed and produced in the United Kingdom. They plug directly into a power source, creating a charging station for as many devices as you need.

The Chargebus is compatible with many products and devices, such as laptops and iPads. It works with the very latest iOS. It moves data quickly and sits neatly on a table, desktop, countertop or any elevated workstation. (Which is useful as it’s not always ergonomic to charge equipment stationed on the floor.)

Our Products to Hire

Additional equipment and services.

Beyond Chargebus sync, we have a range of event-related equipment for hire including digital signage, Audio-Visual equipment, Virtual Reality headsets, EPOS devices, iPads, MacBooks, Microsoft Surface Pros, and more. Check out also our branded iPad cases and stands, as well as a range of event accessories. Other than the hardware we hire, we have software solutions such as registration apps, menu-building and additional digital content creation and integration. We even have technical event specialists and internet installation experts who are as skilled as they are friendly. Ask about our services or about any of our event products today.



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