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Event festival WiFi equipment in any location.

Event WiFi installation is one of our specialities, and we have both the equipment and the networking engineers to help you sort out the best internet connection. Choose from Cradlepoint, MiFi Router Hire or a range of additional options such as Ruckus AP rental for your next festival. The right internet connection is essential for live streaming, social media sharing and event apps.

MiFi router hire: what is it and how does it work?

MiFi technology can be explained as mobile wireless networks that behave like hotspots for WiFi. The origins of the term MiFi hasn’t yet been determined but many surmise that the term is short for ‘My WiFi’. Different companies own the MiFi trademark (for the UK it’s Hutchinson 3G).

MiFi router hire is perfect for up to ten devices. We simply connect a MiFi device to a cellular network and you have internet access for situations that require a modest number of users.

Our MiFi installation services are first-class, we have routers and skilled technicians who can handle setup and make sure that all of your devices and software connect in the exact way that they’re meant to. For more than ten devices, our additional options such as Ruckus AP rental may be more appropriate.

If you’re not sure whether you need MiFi router hire or need to rent Ruckus for your next festival, please get in touch with our customer service professionals. We can help you establish your requirements and some of the best solutions to get the event well-connected.

Rent Ruckus equipment for festival WiFI that makes a difference.

Does your business need to hire Ruckus technology? Ruckus is a brand known for building wireless networks with their patented technology. This includes high performance, network access infrastructure. We have Ruckus AP rental equipment that builds impressive Wireless Access Point (WAP) connections. Their equipment is durable, well-constructed, and legendary. Looking to hire Ruckus technology? Our team can help you to rent Ruckus equipment and anything else you need to get your next event successfully launched.

About Cradlepoint routers.

Cradlepoint is another mobile router that clients will frequently request for online mobile capabilities. For example, the Cradlepoint COR Series routers are one solution to try. Use these Cradlepoint devices for SD-WAN and SD-Perimeter-capable, GPS-enabled mobile routers that are ahead of their time.

The solutions are up to you.

Hire Ruckus in any volume and we’ll deliver it anywhere in the world. When you rent Ruckus solutions for last-minute festival arrangements, we can deploy them within 24 hours, so than any last-minute rental is deployed in time for your event. The same is true for any of our equipment or services.


What else do we offer?

At AnytimeTabletHire, we offer a range of services and technical staffing solutions that will help you create the festival experience of a lifetime. Need iPads, laptops or digital signage. Are you looking for mics, digital mixers or PA systems that help to command an audience? How about an LED video wall that extends 20 metres? Festivals require a lot of kit, and we’ve got the solutions you’re looking for, including Ruckus AP rental and a lot more.

We also have the networking engineers who know and understand WiFi, who will setup a secure, fast connection for your next event that will impress your guests and can captivate an audience anywhere in the world. How can we do this? We are a global company and we’re obsessed with creating the ultimate digital experience. This includes quality team members, expert technical capabilities, the latest and best equipment, and a commitment to success.

To rent Ruckus, or any of our event festival WiFi technology, contact AnytimeTabletHire today.


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