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Event check in and event registration apps at Anytime Tablet Hire.

Check in and registration has never been easier than at Anytime Tablet Hire. Event professionals are finding it much easier to use digital check in and registration software. Here are some reasons, advantages and types of features available for these apps.

What are check in and event registration apps?

Check in and registration apps are the way forward in event entry management. They are software that enables guests to fill out entry forms, announce their arrivals, receive any needed passes, make payments, and more in real time. The terms ‘check in’ and ‘event registration apps’ can be used interchangeably; the software is the same.

Do you remember waiting in long queues to enter an even? Entry forms and additional registration admin can be done ahead of time through simple online forms, or even completed while guest wait in queues through the use of iPads and other registration devices. Barcode scanners and attendees’ own smartphones can speed up the check in process through the use of QR codes.

Other additional winning features of event apps?

Guest have a lot to choose from when it comes to the latest event technology apps. Everything is done in real time so that guests who purchase tickets on the day can’t be double-booked. They provide a method for scheduling, polling, indoor beacon messaging, and voting. Attendees can participate in live auctions and make payment donations during charity fundraisers. Push notifications, interactive floor plans, event maps, speaker information, offline modes, custom branding and within app networking are all features that make event apps drastically better than paper.

Event check in apps bring the audience together and it also meets the attendees where they’re at. In a lot of cases, that’s on their smartphone- attendees are constantly using mobile devices anyway!

Our Products to Hire

Event apps boost engagement

Private social networks, messaging, photo sharing, likes comments, live polling and personal profiles. These are just a few of the ways audience members can interact with each other. It’s perfect for both the outgoing conversationalist, and the introvert. Digital interaction allows guests to be social in the ways in which they are most comfortable.

We design the event registration apps that work for you.

At Anytime Tablet Hire, we understand that event planning is an art and a science. We’ve brought the best of both worlds with check in and registration apps that connect audience members, gather consumer data regarding habits and app usage, and help you to integrate this data to create bigger and better events every time. Together with our app developer partners we’ve created event software that’s intuitive, affordable and incredibly useful. Cater to hundreds of guests at one time with this simple-to-use technology.

What are you looking for in an app? At Anytime Tablet Hire we create event check in apps that have all of the features that you need, and nothing that you don’t. We can sit down with you and learn about your event, what you are hoping to achieve, and tell you from over a decade of experience in the events industry what would best help you facilitate your goals. Our developers create bespoke, branded apps that are as unique as your business.

At Anytime Tablet Hire we offer a variety of event hardware, software, and event solutions. We have the latest equipment rentals, a team of event staff that are available both remotely and personally, and internet specialists that can provide you with a WiFi connection in any environment. With Anytime Tablet Hire, event check in software is just one part of what we do. Welcome to world of event possibilities.


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