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Looking for iPad Pro 12.9 hire?

We have iPad Pro 12.9 rent options in any volume, as well as the smaller 11-inch models. They have between 64GB and 256GB of storage for the 11-inch model and between 512Gb and 1TB storage for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro hire.

Benefits when you rent iPad Pro 12.9 models.

Additional benefits when you rent iPad Pro 12.9 are numerous. It has the power of a computer but the mobility of an iPad. Its advanced chips enable new experiences which will enable you to play, edit and create in a different way. Even apps like Photoshop CC are no match for this technological masterpiece. iPad Pro 12.9 rent options include WiFi and up to 4G LTE Advanced. Whether you need to send files, print or use video-conferencing apps, this device will keep you going. It lasts for longer than the average business day, at 10 plentiful hours or more. As it’s as lightweight as it is thin, you can carry it with you wherever you need to go.

iPad Pro 12.9 hire enables you to use a variety of intuitive gestures to work and play in the way your body is most comfortable. Rent iPad Pro 12.9 to use multiple applications at once easily, switch with just one swipe and drag and drop like a professional. The dock enables you to get to apps as quickly as you need to. It runs on iPadOS, a system designed specifically for the iPad. iPad Pro rental will also offer you the apps that you love the most, such as Microsoft Word, Pages and Keynote. But it shares general foundations with the iOS, as well as the gestures you are most familiar with from using your iPhone such as pinching, touching and swiping. Scan documents with your iPad Pro hire using its built-in camera, then mark it up and send it out. Admin has never been simpler, and this kind of performance can’t be done with a standard computer.

Our Products to Hire

With iPad Pro 12.9 hire, you can access your files from various devices in one standard location via iCloud Drive, as well as third-party services such as Dropbox. Rent iPad Pro 12.9 and rest assured that your information is secure, with advanced security features such as Touch ID and Face ID. iPad Pro hire has its data encrypted by the Secure Enclave. Utilise the iPad Pro rental advantages like Intelligent Tracking Prevention to keep websites from collecting data.


iPad Pro rent accessories and more

iPad Pro hire integrates with the second-generation Apple Pencil which is great for sketching and note taking and switches from a pencil to an eraser with a simple double-tap. The second generation is more comfortable and user-friendly than ever. This accessory pairs automatically with your iPad pro 12.9 hire.

You can also attach your iPad Pro rental to the Smart keyboard Folio, which offers a full-size keyboard with a lightweight cover that protects both the front and back of your iPad Pro rental. Just attach it and start typing; it’s as easy as that. Use as a cover and fold down the front when you need to type. This keyboard is as functional as it is practical. It attaches magnetically, and is lightweight and slim. With iPad Pro rent features like these, it’s easy to see why the item is so popular.

iPad Pro 12.9 rent options are just the beginning

iPad pro rent options are not the only thing we offer. We have a variety of event equipment, software integration, WiFi installation and event staff services that we provide. iPad Pro rent packages are just the beginning.

To learn more about our iPad Pro 12.9 rent options and offers, or any of our services or products, please contact our customer service team today.


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