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Festival EPOS kit that will keep crowds happy.

What kind of festival EPOS kit are we referring to? We offer L7 case hire, cash drawer rental, and a variety of additional options. Crowd efficiency is one of the most challenging aspects of events such as festivals, conferences, seminars, and international trade shows. Rent Linea Pro for a card reader and bar code scanner combination that will increase efficiency and keep queues moving. Explore EPOS system packages that will help events run smoothly with the latest technology and app support. Whether you need Square hire, iZettle, or additional product brands, we can sort out your festival EPOS kit, or the EPOS system that you need to facilitate your next event.

Linea Pro Hire

With Linea Pro hire you can scan tickets and QR codes, with a Bluetooth and RFID scanner. This device houses an iPhone or iPod to act as both a scanner or a card reader, as needed for your next event. Rent Linea Pro for optimised registration as the device is lightweight, durable, and fast. Linea Pro hire is a popular rental item and it’s easy to understand why. It’s simple to use, and charges your device while it’s in use. Rent Linea Pro for compatibility with over 100 iOS apps. Enjoy the sleek design and intelligent interface.

Square L7 hire

What is Square L7 hire? Square is a major brand name in electronic payment and it’s a popular request from our clients. Rent L7 case packages in any volume for a combination iPad mini 2 and 3 plus a contactless card and chip reader. These are durable, with a non-slip grip. Square L7 hire devices charge your iPad while it’s in the case. Rent L7 case options for a payment system that simplifies vendor-customer interactions and keeps business as efficient as possible. L7 case hire makes payment transactions simple!

What about iZettle hire options?

Another major brand name in electronic payment is iZettle. What can we tell you about iZettle hire? It enables you to take electronic payments with any Android or iOS device that’s Bluetooth activated. Rent iZettle and you can accept any contactless payment including Apple Pay. iZettle hire enables you to provide mobile merchant services without a storefront or a merchant number. Why rent iZettle? It’s simple to use, made of durable material, and frees you up to get on with business in any location you choose.

EPOS rental; what is it?

EPOS rental is when you hire Electronic Point of Sale equipment, such as Square hire or till rental. EPOS includes equipment such as cash drawer rental and L7 case hire. It can be the payment device itself such as when you rent iZettle or book Square hire with us. So what does it mean to hire EPOS? This can include the entire till rental system such as the cash drawer, card reader, stands, and scanner. Hire EPOS equipment from us for a rental experience that you’re probably not accustomed to. We offer the service, the best kit, and a wealth of delivery and service options. This can even include the WiFi service!


All of your payment and EPOS system options covered!

EPOS rental has never been more practical and we have all of your options taken care of. This includes till rental; the best and latest systems complete with options such as Square hire- rent L7 case packages that are surprisingly affordable! It includes cash drawer rental that has electronic, manual and lock and key options that make currency transactions more secure.

To hire EPOS packages or to learn more about our other products and services, contact AnytimeTabletHire Today.


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