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Anytime Tablet Hire is now offering Giant iTab rental anywhere in the UK.

You already know that Anytime Tablet Hire provides the latest technology devices for the corporate, educational, charitable, and financial sectors. We have technology that can frequently be seen at events such as international conferences and exhibitions, trade shows and product launches. So, you won’t be surprised by our latest product, the Giant iTab, as it’s won multiple awards for its success in the event industry.

We offer Giant iTab rental in any volume, throughout the United Kingdom as well as globally. We provide content integration, delivery, setup and collection at your convenience. We also can rent Giant iTab devices in a hurry. Order for last minute delivery and we’ll have this giant tablet shipped within 24 hours.

More information about the giant tablet.

The Giant iTab is an extremely oversized smartphone or tablet, which is why it is often referred to as a ‘giant iPad display’ or ‘giant iPhone display’. How does it work? The interface is designed to parallel that of a tablet or iPhone, so using one is simple- you already know how it operates. The friendly, responsive, fully interactive giant tablet is fun to use and always attracts attention at events. Attendees love to use it and to be photographed with it. Therefore, the buzz surrounding this giant iPad display is substantial.

Applications: What do you use Giant iTab for?

There are a number of reasons to use Giant iTab products. First, it showcases information in a clever, yet simple way. It’s used in retail and hospitality services to provide guests with information in the form of a digital concierge. The public can approach the giant tablet and interact with it, accessing information such as floor plans, maps, menus, websites, photo galleries, apps and more.

At exhibitions, the Giant iTab is a popular solution for showcasing new products and services in a familiar way. It can be used in educational trainings and workshops as a teaching tool. Load learning apps and other training software onto this giant iPhone display and enjoy a learning and teaching session that is as interesting and innovative as it is successful. Corporate companies who seek to transition their staff and employees to online and mobile software can demonstrate the simplicity of this functionality through training sessions on the giant iPad display. Learning a mobile app on a smaller device would make training and learning difficult in a group setting. This innovation bypasses such issues. Giant iTabs have even been used on a number of live television programs.

Giant iTab hire: what are the advantages?

The advantages of hiring a Giant iTab are that it is simple to operate, fun to use and the content can be uploaded in a variety of applications. They are interactive- which invites guests to engage with it, and in turn, your business. Guests and attendees are attracted to the size and simplicity of this device.

The 27-inch Giant iTab

Our smallest giant iPad rental, this model has a built-in camera, an AMVA + LED panel, a response time of 5ms, and 10 capacitive touch points.

The 42-inch Giant iTab

This giant iPhone display measures 37” x 26” and stands 55-inches tall. It has 12 capacitive touch points, over 16 million display colours, and a response time of 6.5ms.

The 55-inch Giant iTab

This giant tablet full display stand is 93-inches tall; this is our largest Giant iTab rental. It has 12 touch points, and a response time of 12ms.

Why rent Giant iTab instead of owning one?

Why rent Giant iTab products instead of owning them? When you rent any of our technology, including the Giant iPhone display, you get the latest equipment which has been stored and perfectly maintained in peak condition. We can handle the logistics including delivery, content integration, and setup, and can even provide on-site technical support throughout your events. Giant iTab hire simplifies the event process and ensures that your kit is always up to date. We have locations worldwide in which our products are kept in temperature-controlled warehouses by expert technicians. This means that you can order equipment at the last minute and we’ll still be able to provide you with what you need- including deployment within 24 hours.


Beyond Giant iTab hire: additional services at Anytime Tablet Hire.

At Anytime Tablet Hire, we have a full range of event technology and services available. This includes Audio-Visual equipment, monitors, laptops, desktops, printers, payment tills, EPOS devices, accessories, kiosks and cables. We have smartphones and Virtual Reality headsets, as well as LED video walls and a variety of digital signage.

Beyond hardware such as the Giant iPad display, we have software developer partners who can create impressive check-in and registration apps for your next event. Need internet access that is as secure as it is reliable? We have expert Network Engineers who are trained to deliver strong, consistent Wi-Fi under any conditions.

Other services we offer? We have technical event staff on hand to make sure that each event runs smoothly. We offer project management, consultation, logistics, delivery, installation and de-rigging. Our services are based on over a decade of experience designing and executing incredible events throughout the world. This includes small local workshops and large international conferences, exhibitions and festivals. Giant iPad hire is just the beginning.

Speak with Anytime Tablet Hire’s customer service team today about renting any of our technology or services including Wi-Fi installation.


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