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Projector hire has never been simpler.

We have the best projectors for events and it’s simple to rent one. Projectors are being used at events more than ever, in the most creative ways. Traditionally they’ve been utilised at presentations, corporate meetings, exhibitions, product launches, trade shows, educational courses and seminars and charity fundraisers. We can hire a single projector, or as many as your business requires. Our technical staff are also available to set everything up, integrate your equipment and make sure that it’s running smoothly. We offer remote and on-site support when you rent projector equipment; as well as flawless delivery, project management, and superior customer service. At AnytimeTabletHire, we have a total commitment to events and aim to help you create successful experiences for your clients and guests throughout your projector hire.

Rent projector equipment that has the best features.

We encourage you to rent projector equipment that has crisp, clear images, ample throw, and built in speakers for crystal clear audio. Our projectors can display 3-D images from a variety of sources, such as 3-D Blu-Ray. They have eco-friendly settings and quick resume buttons that will restart the projection in the event of accidental shut-off.

The latest projector trends.

Events are harnessing the creative power of projectors in the most new and innovative ways. Yes, projectors are still great for traditional boardroom presentations and PowerPoint presentations. They are still used in classrooms and during educational workshops. But projector hire is also coming alive at events. Hosts can share event-related social media in real time such as using responses to live Q&A questions and projecting them at the venue. Planners at exhibitions have created a gaming lounge using a projector with a short throw, some curtains, and a screen; fashioning a space guests can come to relax. Other ideas for booths include projecting images that are promotional and fun to market their businesses best assets. Media could include catalogue information, company photos, demo videos, still and product images that make a splash.

Looking for something eye-catching and fun? Use open source software to create a music laser light show when you rent projector equipment with high lumens. Whatever you decide to project, know that the equipment will be event tested and event planner approved, and deployed with the same care and attention we provide for all of our rentals.

Our additional services and products.

We have a lot to offer our IT event community, and this includes the latest Audio Visual equipment, EPOS kit, mobiles, laptops, digital signage and more. With our range of options, you can do more than just rent projector equipment. A variety of event hardware is something we’ve been invested in for over a decade and our customer service team can consult with you on the equipment that will best help you to achieve your requirements. We can integrate any preferred software into your devices, and we also have app developer partners who can create bespoke event apps upon request. Our team has been working together at events all over the world and has refined the art of the total event package, beyond just projector hire. Need delivery? We’ll be there on time, with a positive and professional attitude. Need a WiFi connection? We offer satellite, hardline, access point installation, and more options that will ensure a secure, fast connection.

We can provide project management should you need anyone to help design your event, liaise with venues, and manage the finer details, logistics, staff training, etc. But mostly we are interested in what would work best for your next event, whether it’s a festival, corporate conference, tradeshow, or seminar.


For more information on projector hire, or any of our additional products or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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