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LED Video Wall Hire

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Led Video Wall Hire

We Have an Innovative Range of Both Indoor and Outdoor Led Video Walls for Rent. with Years of Experience, We Deliver to All the Major Cities of The Uk and Ireland as Well as Outside Europe.

Why Rent Led Video Wall from Anytimetablethire?

Anytime Tablet Hire is the leading provider for IT equipment and solutions for all businesses and organizations across the United Kingdom. We provide the most cutting-edge technology for all your events, whether indoor or outdoor, for any period of time. On top of that, we are the most affordable solution provider in the entire region. You will not get prices like ours from anywhere else. Get the latest technology for your event without making a huge dent in your budget.

What Sets Our Video Wall Rental Service Apart?

We Offer the Latest Rent Video Wall for Events

We deliver services to turn your vision for your event into a reality. We provide you with the latest LED screens to provide broadcast and communications solutions for your events related to music, sports, or any corporate event.


We also offer the services of our expert technical staff who are highly experienced in setting up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and uninstallation of all types of equipment. They’ve been doing it for quite some time now. There’s no type of event that they haven’t seen. With our technical staff on board at the event, event management just got a lot easier for you.

Our Products to Hire

We Offer the Most Affordable rent Video Wall for Events

AnyTimeTabletHire provides you the service at the cheapest price. No need to worry about your budget every time you host an event. Impress your audiences by availing our services and get the most out of your event.

Be the Master of Your Event

We give you the short term solution to your long term problem. Design the stage of your event just like you want. Install LED screens all over the venue and get an exponential increase in your event’s WOW-factor. Whether it’s a festival, a fashion show, or a product launch, conduct your event in a manner that instills a permanent image of your brand in your audience’s hearts.

Indoor Led Video Wall Hire:

LED screen technology is becoming increasingly popular day by day due to its ability to deliver a smooth, high-resolution display. It ensures the engagement of the audience, no matter what type of event is being held.

We help you organize screen walls of any size or shape that you need for your event, ranging from small product launches to big, moving background screens for festivals, concerts, and other corporate events.

Trade Shows

With video walls from AnytimeTabletHire, you can ensure that your tradeshow booth or kiosk stands out from the crowd and attracts visitors and potential customers alike.

Training Seminars

Conduct highly engaging seminars and ensure that the highest level of learning is taking place by choosing video wall rental services from AnytimeTabletHire at the most affordable rates.

Product Launches

With our indoor video wall rental services, you can reach the maximum visual impact with your audience. Design the most unique experience for all your attendees. Be the trendsetter in your industry and dominate it with our cutting-edge technology solutions.


Business Meetings?

Hosting the annual business meeting for your shareholders and employees? No problem. v services from us. We don't just deliver the equipment, we also provide peace of mind. Our team will set up the video walls at strategic places to ensure that your meetings have a maximum level of participation and involvement.


We help all our clients by delivering the latest technology, reliable logistics and support staff, and affordable prices. You’ve never been offered a complete and upgraded package like this. Showcase your products like they deserve to be shown. Etch their images on your attendees’ minds and hearts.


If you want to make a bold statement, you need to partner with a company that leads the industry in audio and visual presentations. Whether you’re presenting to your stakeholders, your employees, or your sponsors and suppliers, you need to make sure that everyone receives your message as clearly as possible.


Make sure that your employees are up to date with the current trends and scenarios in your industry by conducting the most breathtaking and engaging workshops ever. Avail our LED video walls rental service and you will not have to worry about audience engagement anymore.

What Are Your Options for Outdoor Led Video Wall Hire:

When hosting outdoor events, there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration when using an LED video wall. The weather, lighting, footing, and various other factors that come into play outdoors. With our rent LED video wall services, you don't need to worry about any of these issues. Not only do we deliver the highest quality LED video displays, but we also provide the services of our skilled team of technicians who will be there at the site to offer you any support and guidance you need 24/7.

Hire led video wall for sports events,

Sports events are always full of fans either encouraging their teams or booing the other teams. There’s a cacophony of sounds and visuals all over the place. Delivering your message amid this chaotic environment is considerably difficult as compared to indoor events.

Anytime tablet hire offers you the perfect solution to ensure guaranteed message delivery to all the audience present. Rent a video wall for events from us and present a stunning message that engages the entire audience.

You Can Hire Led Video Wall for Other Outdoor Events Like:

  • - Festivals
  • - Exhibitions
  • - Advertisements
  • - Red Carpet Events


I am enquiring about:

Hire led video wall for concerts

AnytimeTabletHire has successfully partnered with various clients for concerts and festivals and our portfolio is continuously growing. We provide the most cutting edge services to help increase the WOW factor of your concert or festival. Make sure that the entire audience focuses on whatever you want them to focus on. Grab their attention and don’t let go.

No matter the type of event, all of them can be greatly enhanced once you’ve availed our service to give your audience a completely immersive experience