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WiFi in a Box is available globally for portable event WiFi.

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Rent portable internet!

Have you ever been to an event that lacks a strong internet connection? WiFi is crucial to event success because it enables event software to function, processes payments, encourages digital networking and more. You just can’t get by with a strong, secure connection. We’re introducing WiFi in a Box. It’s our newest solution to a portable WiFi experience and it’s ridiculously simple to operate.

Simplicity of setup.

How does it work? You rent this intelligently designed pelicase that transports easily and that you don’t even need to open. We provide you with a regional plug that you can insert into a 110v or 220v plug point. Once you plug it in, WiFI in a Box initiates a WiFi connection in under 3 minutes via a flip of a switch.

Advantages to WiFi in a Box?

WiFi in a Box is available throughout Europe as well as globally and it has quite a few advantages. Its convenient size and shape is one of them. Designed to travel, you can wheel it via an extendable pull handle or carry it using its side handle. At under 10kg, you can lift and move it around easily. It covers an area of 40 metres and can supply WiFi to up to 100 users. This coverage can be added to- simply contact a member of our team to increase the distance of coverage or number of users accommodated.

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Ways to use WiFi in a Box

Our WiFi in a Box is perfect for tradeshows and exhibitions. It’s successful at pop-up shops and seminars. It boosts a connection for awards ceremonies and product launches. And it’s an absolute hero at festivals. Use it for wireless payment, silent auctions, Q&A sessions, online polling and surveys, event registration and more. Whether you need to operate a wireless printer or scan passes with a wireless barcode scanner, WiFi in a Box will provide perfect connectivity and high-speed broadband that you can rely on.


WiFi in a Box and more.

Rent portable internet and any of our additional event WiFi solutions from Anytime Tablet Hire. We have satellite, personalised bonded internet and access point installation, hardline options and more. Configuring a connection is what we do, and our team will help whether you need WiFI in a Box or one of our additional internet solutions. We also have services such as digital content creation, software configuration, hardware rental, technical onsite event staffing and more. For a complete event experience, reach out to our team today!

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