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Rent computer monitors from AnytimeTabletHire.

The name AnytimeTabletHire can be misleading. We started out hiring tablets but we have since grown tremendously. We now hire every type of event equipment you could imagine, including Audio-Visual equipment, digital signage, EPOS, Virtual Reality headsets, mobiles, iPads, iMacs, branded accessories and more. One thing that we do particularly well is monitors. We can rent monitor brands like LG, Apple, iiyama and Samsung. Hire monitor packages that are competitively priced, available in any volume, and can be delivered to the venue of your choice, anywhere your event is located.

Most of us spend hours per day in front of monitors; it helps to know that the equipment we’re using is of the highest quality. Rent monitor packages that offer high resolution, 4K displays, with LED panels and a variety of user-friendly features. We have a range of screen sizes that you can choose from. This includes options from 22-inches to 85-inches.

Rent Thunderbolt monitor displays.

Interested in Apple products? Rent Thunderbolt monitor displays, a 27-inch flat computer monitor that replaced the Apple LED Cinema display. It has 2560x1440 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It has some impressive capabilities, not least of all its space-saving, impressive and minimalistic design. It also has the ability to carry the PCI Express and Display Port over a single cable. This means that you don’t have to have several cables all plugged into one device when using your notebook as a desktop. The Thunderbolt integrates IO controllers with a 27-inch LED Cinema display to create a mobile docking station that is also an incredible way to experience video. It can offer up to 350 nits at full brightness, which will help you to avoid glare. Rent Thunderbolt monitor displays for a power packed piece of technology with an aluminium swivel base that enables between -5 and 25 degrees of rotation along the horizontal axis. It has a glass front, an aluminium base, and a camera with 1280x720 resolution.

Hire monitor packages in any volume, for delivery to any location.

We have a policy of delivering anywhere, and we mean anywhere in the world. We have global offices that enable us to hire monitor packages for deployment throughout Europe, to the US, India, Australia, Singapore, and the Middle East. We can deliver to Moscow or Montreal, as needed. Also, we have inventory that isn’t limited. Let us know what you need or consult with our events team to discuss your requirements so that we can help to design a package that’s right for you.

Rent computer monitors and more.

We hire monitor packages for a range of events such as product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, and temporary office setups. We understand resolutions, size, integration and inputs. We have recommendations on brightness, colour integrity, and design. We have experience working with thousands of corporate clients and small businesses around the world, and our equipment is event tested and always checked prior to each deployment.


At AnytimeTabletHire we do more than rent monitor packages. We rent a range of event products and we can upload the software you prefer so that everything is setup and ready to use upon arrival. This includes desktops, iPads, smartphones, Virtual Reality headsets, gaming laptops, notebooks and more. We have a team of technical event staff who can be present during events for maintenance, trouble shooting, and anything that is needed on the day of an event.

We also have network engineers who can provide WiFi installation for events in any location, regardless of how remote they are or of what infrastructure currently exists.

For more information on how to rent computer monitors or hire additional event technology, please contact us today.


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