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Event Technology for your next event.

At AnytimeTabletHire, we have a range of the latest technology for short-term rental. This includes the audio and visual equipment that will satisfy your guest’s entire sensory experience. It also offers services such as the installation of high-speed internet and the technical event presence that can transform the quality of any digital experience. Our services and technology can be deployed globally, and we have no limits on the volume in which we can offer our kit.

Sound event technology

This includes PA systems that deliver dynamic sound frequency in a variety of venues and functions, from a small conference setup to an exhibition or international trade show. We have speakers that project sound and process wattage in different ways, according to what you need and where your event is held.

The event technology equipment we carry is portable, but durable. It can be set up in different ways, such as floor stands and wall mounts. Our digital mixers control a variety of sound aspects with ease, from microphones, instruments and laptops, to amplifiers, speakers and headphones.

Our range of digital mixers have multiple outputs, faders, and controls that enable a central hub from which to process the entire sound setup. We have amps, cables and accessories that will each contribute to complete the sound picture that you didn’t realise was possible. We have brands like Sennheiser, Yamaha, and Bose, that will keep your audience captivated with superior sound quality.

Visual event technology.

The visual experience is equally important to the success of your event. We have the right projectors with high-quality glass and superior contrast. The Optoma S341 DLP SVGA is just one example that delivers true colour, clear projection multi-port connectivity to a range of display modules. Part of our event technology includes matrix switch options that enable glitch free video streaming to multiple devices.

We have touchscreens of just about any size you could imagine and digital signage that includes an LED wall that extends up to 20 metres. This gets people’s attention in the best way- it looks incredible at charity fundraisers, product launches, exhibitions, and other events.

Visual equipment includes monitors, tablets of every model, laptops, and one of our newest product partners, the Giant iTab. One of the most important services we provide is the event technology professional support; we can help deliver, install and setup whatever is needed, as well as provide an onsite presence during an event from start to finish.

Electronic payment and registration

Electronic payment and registration are essential at events. They speed up check-in and vendor-customer interactions. They improve the entire event entry process. Long queues and wait times are unnecessary with the right event technology. We have the hardware and software to make fast payments and simpler event entry.

Wi-Fi connectivity

At AnytimeTabletHire we have a range of options to connect your guests to the internet. With the best digital events, a lack of secure, consistent, high-speed internet is no longer an option. As part of our event technology solutions, our network engineers have a variety of options that you can consider, from access points, to satellite, to hardline, MiFi and more.

We evaluate the landscape ahead of time, let you know what the best options and back-ups are, and put together a plan that works for your event’s unique requirements. Guests can live stream video, check social media feeds, access registration and payment apps, and anything else that requires a connection. We can accommodate internet requirements regardless of number of guests, devices or amount of broadband needed, and if the infrastructure doesn’t exist, we can build it.


At AnytimeTabletHire, we are available day and night, seven days per week to help with any of your questions or provide a free quote.