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Hire iPad NYC packages in a New York minute.

Combining creativity and entrepreneurship with a mega city, and you get New York. Fun fact; it was called ‘New Amsterdam’, until it was gifted to the Duke of York by King Charles II in the late 1600’s. There are more billionaires in this city than in any other and we think technological innovation has something to do with it. With Wall Street, the world’s top universities, and an extremely large tourism trade, New York City gets a lot of attention and a lot of respect.

Our rent iPad NYC packages

What do these packages include? We offer a range of the latest iPads in every spec and model. In addition, all of the accessories that you require are set aside for you and deployed to your New York location within 24 hours. How many do you need? We’ve rented as little as a single device (for a student presentation) to thousands of devices for an international festival. Volume is never a problem!

In terms of accessories we have the Apple Pencil, Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2, cables, chargers, Apple Keyboards, stands, branded cases, and anything else that you need. Our devices include any make or model made thus far. This includes iPads, iPad Airs, iPad minis, and iPad Pros.

Hire iPad NYC options can include software configuration.

Software configuration and app design can be included in your iPad order. We create bespoke apps, and add traditional favourites as well. Let us know if you require the latest software or if you have particular favourites that are older models (some people just enjoy the classics!)

Hire iPad NYC packages for a variety of events and uses.

There’s are so many classically New York events, festivals and activities every year, that it’s hard to calculate an exact number. Make check-in simpler at next year’s Central Park Summer Stage with registration apps that reduce the wait times and keep lines moving. Get branded landing pages designed and integrated for Fall Fashion Week. Or make electronic menus speed up vendor transactions at Yankee Stadium.

From the New York City Boat show to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, we’ve got iPads for every function with a variety of applications that will enable you to best launch an event. If there’s a conference or exhibition, our iPads can help you with badge printing, note-taking, and presentation delivering in any of the five boroughs.


Additional support and options with your iPad.

Rent iPad NYC options and you will have remote support and the option of on-site support available for the duration of an event. We offer services to complement our iPad packages that include WiFi installation and technical staffing. It’s good to have a crew on-hand should you need anything on the day. We can provide that assurance and technical support. If your event needs a connection, we also have a variety of internet installation options that can provide secure, fast, and consistent broadband, regardless of where your event is located.

Other services we can include with your iPad are event related technology and equipment rentals in an enormous variety. These include projectors, PA systems, mics, LED walls, accessories laptops and tablets, monitors and desktops, and all manner of event-related equipment that can help you to create digital masterpieces throughout the Big Apple.