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January 26, 2024
January 26, 2024
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Why Rent or Lease an Office Printer?

Rentals have made business-life a million times easier over the past decade. From home rentals, to car rentals, to facility rentals, to machinery rentals and now the technology industry is flushed with thousands of agencies whom specialize in providing some of the best and top quality braded technology devices for rental or leasing purposes.

We all know that an office printer is commonly bulky and large in size and mysteriously printers have this “tendency” to fail on you if they don’t like you. But don’t panic. If you are starting a business with a budget in mind or have been in business who spends a budget towards office assets like an office printer, you may want to reconsider your financial plans and switch to a rental company whom can provide you an office printer for almost 70% less than what a commercial printer may cost you.  

Many people get slightly confused over the two different types of options that are commonly provided by rental or leasing agencies, and that is the option for you to either rent or lease an office printer. So what’s the difference between these two?

Rental options are specifically for you to rent a device for as long as you need it.

However, once your need or contract is exhausted, you can either renew your rental contract or just return the machine back to the rental agency. You cannot rent to own.

Leasing an office printer works the same way as the rental, however, only this time you are paying to own. Usually there is a fixed amount of payments that you are required to pay before you are deemed as owner of the machine.

Why Should You Rent An Office Printer?

There are so many valid reasons as per to why you should consider renting or leasing an office printer. The number one reason why most people opt to rental options is because they want to be able to spend the most minimum amount on business assets and still be able to have some additional budget for future use. 

Most rental agencies commonly provide on-site technician help as well. In case you run into a malfunctions with your device, you will be able to contact the rental agency and get on-site assistance in case if your problem isn’t related to troubleshooting.

Delivery & Installation

If you are tired of sending a technician to pick up a new office printer, consider that you don’t have to deal with this hurdle if you decide to opt out with a rental agency that provides you deliver and installation.

Now, you don’t need to get your hands dirty and deal with exploding ink cartridges!

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