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EPOS: An efficient sales management option

Remember the time, when a retailer had to manage the sales and cash records into a dusty old register. Gone are the days of cash tills being effective for tracking sales and other processes. Even the traditional POS systems are no longer much efficient. So that’s where the EPOS system comes in.

The EPOS system saves time and provides smooth data synchronization within different sales channels. A good retailer must have an EPOS system for better productivity of his business. Let’s see what exactly an EPOS system is.

EPOS system

The abbreviation of EPOS is the Electronic Point of Sale system. EPOS system is a mixture of EPOS software and EPOS hardware which provide productive results. With the help of an EPOS system, the owner of a store can manage sales and cash records. This whole system provides a better understanding of business performance.

The EPOS system is connected with an e-commerce site. This online to online combination gives customer more seamless stock details and better shopping experience.

How does the EPOS system work?

EPOS system is the modern day cash register. Consider it cash till connected to a computer. The EPOS system checks the barcode of a product through the barcode scanner and examines the total amount that needs to be paid. This gives accurate results and quicker service to the customer.

Not just that but an EPOS system also automatically updates the sale records, stock levels, and customer information. These all of the management reports help the owner to extract multiple kinds of reports anytime he wants. All the accurate reports really help in decision making and show business performances as well.

EPOS Software

EPOS software is the key to your business’s successful retail management. It is vital to have an EPOS software fitting your business needs. Your EPOS software must have these common features:

  • Stock tracking and management
  • Purchase and order record tracking
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Combination with an e-commerce site

Some businesses might need more than just common functions because of their business needs.

EPOS Hardware

Every business wishes to have different hardware components based on their alternative needs. The basic hardware component consists of a terminal screen that is the place where you input orders and payments.  There are additional EPOS hardware components that connect via cables or wirelessly. Some are:

  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  •    Barcode scanner
  • PDQ terminal
  • Customer display
  • IPad EPOS

Types of EPOS System

There are five types of EPOS systems:

  • Retail EPOS System
  • Hospitality EPOS System
  • Fashion EPOS System
  • Beauty Salon EPOS system
  • Service EPOS System

Buying a cheap EPOS system

There are tons of cheap EPOS system offers. We suggest you resist the attraction of those offers so you can be saved from buying something that will haunt your business productivity.

Buying a cheap EPOS system will put a risk at your business and the only result will be more damage to your business.

The alternative of cheap is renting it. But many of the suppliers are frauds and sell you the cheap EPOS systems. Do not risk your business, rent the EPOS system from the trustworthy supplier, Anytime Tablet Hire.