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Social media Effective Tactics for Event Planners

What is event planning and who is event planner?

The procedure of handling events like meetings, conventions, tradeshow, ceremonies and parties is called event planning. Event planning includes having a budget, making timelines, choosing and booking event places, gathering permissions, deciding food, manage transportation, arranging a theme, selecting activities, choosing speakers and music, risking and alternative plans in case of urgencies. The person who handles the above activities is called an event planner.   

The smartest and fastest way of promoting your event is social media platform. But are you sure that your strategies of promoting your event on social media are smart and updated enough, if not so don’t sweat because here are the some effective tips for you to promote your event on social media smartly.


Blogging these days has been a very effective and powerful tool and its only growing more impactful day by day. Hence it can be very effective for an event planner to gather audience’s attention through a very appealing blog. Give all the details about the event like tickets, food course, celebrities that will be there and things that might be of interest to general public. Do live blog during the event for the people that couldn’t attend and to catch the eye of future customers.


Twitter is one of the most effective and easy social media platforms. It is a very good marketing platform. The only thing you have to do is create a hashtag for your event and start promoting your tweets and posts with your hashtag.


Let’s not forget the king of social media platforms, The Almighty Facebook. The motive of Facebook is to share as much as you can. You just have to make a profile of your event and keep sharing the updates and details, and you are going to have a lot more traffic than usual.

Responsive to public

Even after having social media platforms, you cannot sit back and relax. You have to manage your social media handles and be responsive to questions, or comments or critics. An inactive social media platform will be of no use to public.


It would be a fact if we say that people prefer watching videos and pictures than reading stuff. Promote videos of your recent successful event and give teasers of your upcoming one that increases suspense in the audience and they stay more active to know what will come next.


To monitor your social media accounts, there are some analytical tools which manages insights of your account. Variety of tools offer different insights, now that depends upon you what kinds of insight you need to know about your event on your social media handle. By the specific tools you can also know what’s the best content and ideal time to post it, and this will help and promote your event in a smart way.


You can literally get every minute update about your event on social media, from viewers of your live streaming to tweets to blogs. And best part of social media is that it’s all free to use but gives remarkable promotion. Start your own social media handle now to give updates about your next event coming up.

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