January 26, 2024
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January 26, 2024
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Event trends predictions: What does 2019 has in stored?

Every year seems big for events and its trends. But for the year 2019, people are actually super excited about the rumors of event trends they heard. The smartphones will get smarter, and other techs will have more capabilities. What more excites a customer than the smartphone is having the integrated experience of all technologies at one place. This is what we heard about the prediction on the event trends 2019.

Facial Recognition

The face recognition tech was certainly used in phones and now it is influencing the event tech. we are hopefully about to see the face recognition from our phones into the events. This tech will make check-in and registration process faster. This tech is already being used in theme parks. Facial recognition also ensures the safety of an event by spotting the difference between guests and strangers.

Group Tech Experiences

Another tech that might be utilized in the events of 2019 will be creating social experiences. The group tech has already allowed people to watch movies from miles away, and it has allowed friends to compete over video games from their homes. This will be implemented in the events of 2019 and it will bring attendee’s expected excitement to your events.  They just have to attend this year’s events and they can have all of the group tech experience.

Use Voice for Greater Engagement

If your event used to lack AI, it shouldn’t in the event of 2019 as the attendees have been using this tech at homes for a while now. Even Google confirmed that since 2016, more than 20% of the searches are made over voice. Use the voice tech in events to engage the audience. Install voice tech for the answers of most asked questions like, ‘what is my next stop’, or ‘sign me up for the session’. Allow your voice assistants to be able to read the badges so it may have all the necessary information about the attendees.

App Interpreters

Electronic translators are not new but they needed some fixation. In 2019, these apps will be responsible to provide a better experience for event attendees and bridge the gaps in communication. Utilize remote translation services your attendee will be able to have a good communication experience and they will not have any communication problem even being the native of some other place. The interpreter apps are cheap and don’t charge hourly so using remote translation services (will) save money.


People of modern day use voice assistant searches more than writing searches. If your attendees are using voice assistant like it’s so normal for them so it should be there in your event. The events of 2019 will be putting chatbots to work. Use the power of voice assistant for better response. Utilize the chatbots in a way that attendees don’t get caught up with waiting for the answer of the question like, ‘where is the restroom’. Use it efficiently. Using chatbots for exit surveys will be a good approach. Installing chatbots at your next event will be the reason for your successful event.

Personalization Tech

Everybody loves personalizing. And providing your attendees to personalize the event tech will be the top trend for this year. Personalize the emails with the attendee’s name which will make a good impression.

Augmented Reality

The use of AR can never go old. Use the AR to animate static objects for attention-grabbing. Use the personalized filter like snapchat and Facebook for becoming more attractive. Use AR to tell the sponsor’s story.

 Create VIP Experiences

Creating meaningful VIP experiences by personalizing stuff that attendees like. Examine the attendee data to see who qualified and who is the successful attendee of your event.