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The Apple MacBook Air Gets A Revamp

MacBook Air

During the 10th anniversary for the Apple MacBook Air was being celebrated, designers and engineers have decided that some upgrades shall be announced and that loyal customers of Apple can keep an eye out for the latest device release, regardless if it’s just an upgrade! In this post, we will be describing some of the vital upgrades that Apple plans to implement on the MacBook Air.

Mac Rental Company works closely with Apple, hand-in-hand. Therefore they are prone to get some of the “hottest buzz”, exclusive insights regarding what devices are to be released, and which items can customer look forward too, which will be getting a revamp soon. According to a recent post from Mac Rental Company, it has been noted that Apple plans on returning back to the drawing board to re-invent the mighty machine with abilities that will keep customers engaged and keep them integrated with some of the best and the most demanded types of programs and features, which will be pre-installed as factory settings.

Furthermore, the reports claims that the new revamped MacBook Air will be the cheapest and the most affordable device in Apple history! Many people may wonder the fact that, how will Apple decrease their prices when the latest devices are nothing less than a thousand bucks? Amazingly, Apple has put their thinking caps on and have decided to design and build their own processing chips. Currently, it is still under production and since each device requires careful planning and mapping, Intel is responsible to provide processing chips to Apple products. However the Apple chip creation is scheduled to hit the markets sometime in the year 2020. When that happens, Apple will be able to lower their prices and make every product affordable for their loyal customers. This opens the window to the new customers whom never had enough financial resources to purchase an Apple product. In return, analysts from Apple have determined that if the company can make their own processing chips, then they can expect an increment of 15% in sales.

We can expect much better resolution on the retina-display for the upgraded version of the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is expected to have lesser bezels, mimicking these features like some of the latest releases from Apple.

After so many reports and warranty claims, regarding water or liquid damage, Apple has decided to make the backlit keyboard liquid damage proof! But that doesn’t mean that you can jump in the pool with your MacBook Air, as it is not completely waterproof!

The release for this upgrade is something that you definitely want to keep your eye and ears wide open for, also Apple has a habit to surprise their customers with something new and special!

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