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January 26, 2024
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Apple’s revolutionary offerings in 2019

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When it comes to Apple’s new offerings in the market, we expect nothing short of perfection and jaw-dropping technology integration. With the CES 2019, approaching and the rules are about to be set for the tech industry, it is important to explore what Apple has in store for us in 2019. The tech revolution will be based around iPhone, iPods, Air Pod 2s, iMac, etc.

What are we expecting?

In 2019, an introduction in the extension of Apple’s long-awaited Airpower product is anticipated. It might be called something different and that is yet to find out. The introduction of this product might indicate moving towards a completely wireless energy supply.

Mac Pro

The much anticipated Mac Pro will probably be launched in the market in 2019. Apple previously mentioned that the Mac Pro has a modular design but didn’t go in detail any further. At the same time, the company went overboard in ensuring that its iMac pro, MacBook Pro and Mac mini delivers exceeded levels of horsepower to meet the ever-increasing demands of the creative professionals. While the company is famous for bringing innovative solutions to the market, people are looking forward to welcoming an even smarter and faster Mac pro this year.

Apple Maps

Experts forecast that a renewed Apple Map will be introduced which will be able to give detailed information about vegetation, building shapes, beaches, swimming pools, etc. The map will also equip pedestrians with monitoring equipment to ensure enhanced safety. Apple is looking to build a complete set of mapping data all on its own. Apple previously suggested it will launch these improved maps over the next year.

Apple Television

Apple has spent millions of bucks on creating an expert team of specialists to put together its push for movies and show it in Netflix-style TV service. The company is expected to launch this newly hyped service in the year 2019. It is also easier to predict that the company will provide better support for AR or the Apple TV service. A proper revolution will hit the market if there is truth in claims that the company intends to offer a low-cost Apple TV stick.


First ever 5G phone is expected to be launched in 2019. They are less likely to live up to the expectations as the majority of the network providers do not support 5G and probably won’t do so until 2020. It is widely known that Apple is working on 5G and considering that not a lot networks support 5G, Apple might be planning to provide some support to help the technology become widespread.


Although Apple is second to none when it comes to revolutionary offerings and technologically advanced digital devices, 2019 will witness what the future of technology holds for us. A lot of the offerings are under the pipeline while many are sure to be launched this year. It is yet to be seen how people respond to the different technologies that will be introduced. Find all the latest technological wonders at