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4 Eco-Friendly Event Planning Tips That Will Save You Money
August 2, 2018
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September 17, 2018
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Announcing The Greater Giving Tablet App

Tablet App

The flexibility in applications has just stepped a notch, especially for those are familiar with the Greater Giving platform. Greater Giving was a platform that once only existed and was accessible through online means only. Today, the platform has evolved to something greater.  Greater Giving platform via online is a seamless fundraising platform, which makes it much easier for your to process payments and obtain more inquiries from visitors. If you haven’t heard about the Greater Giving online platform by now, it is basically an online platform for individuals to start a fundraising project, and is accessible through means of a portable devices like an iPad or a laptop. At the same token, the Greater Giving app can be used for even event management purposes too!

Greater Giving app is dedicated for all the non-profit organizations whom spend most of their time discussing important issues or factors about the society or help raise money through a fundraising campaign. Users now can deploy in activities that pertains to event management or to events that are associated to fundraising.

Greater Giving app has just been made greater!

One of the most flawless features that the Greater Giving application offers is the edge of connecting with donors from across the world, so no matter where your donor or investor maybe you can always stay in touch with them and keep them updated with the recent progress and updates.

Another wondrous option that the Greater Giving application offers is the online bidding platform feature. The online bidding platform is an all-in-one, secure online fundraising solutions. It has the flexibility for operators to obtain payment collection through mobile devices and the Greater Giving app is specifically designed for a tablet. So you can only download the Greater Giving app in a tablet.

Why The Greater Giving App Is Only Available In A Tablet And Not In Other Form Of Devices?     

According to most of the businesses from around the world and many event managers have been progressively using smart tablets in specific. Developers are well aware of the wondrous relationship that events and tablets have. Tablets are a perfect device for professional environments as they are ideal for quick presentations, interlinks with internal CRM systems and much more. Therefore Greater Giving application was created with the intended purpose to reach those whom organize and assemble large gathering events and find it a bit difficult to manage with endless papers and notations. The app for the tablet offers the edge in keeping track of your attendees, logins, notifications and even live updates since it is a shared networking system. Another beneficial factor is that the application allows users to sync multiple tablets so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing!

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