January 26, 2024
January 26, 2024
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Mobile Technology Is Becoming Leverage for the Events

Around us, we observe different kinds of business that arranges events to promote their product or services. Promoting business through these events works more positively than expected in favor of a company. It boosts up the business performances and creates a positive impact of the business in the market. Due to these events, a business makes a new contact. And by new contact, you get new projects and tasks and that ends up increasing your revenue. If you have to launch a new product on the market, these events provide that platform and you won’t have to waste extra money for product publicity. Your event public will share the product launching news among the business community.

The utilization of the IT devices has been proved quite beneficial to the event owners as they have enhanced the events and attendees admire the use of mobile technology in the event.

Here what you need to know about how mobile technology is beneficial for your business events.

Share videos on social media

Sharing videos on social media have been increasing every day as people are more into sharing videos on social media. A study shows that 46 percent of the population watches social media videos on their phone and in another study, it is believed that by 2020 there will be 77 percent of the US population will be watching social media videos. When we know that people respond to videos clearly so why not use videos to promote the event videos and avail as much social media attention as you can.

Optimize your website for mobile

One thing that needs to be taken care of before your event is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Most of the event participant access event information like schedule, directions, and other relevant information through mobile so as long as your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are at loss. Not having an optimized website for mobile can be considered really unprofessional for participants as they know how easier browsing a site gets if it is mobile friendly. This is also considered as disservice and makes a bad impression in front of your event participants.


Text messaging has proved to be beneficial in many ways for an event. According to a survey, if a hundred messages are sent, so ninety-one percent of the messages are opened within three minutes of receiving. This means that whatever detail you want to convey it to your participants, text messages are the best and fastest way to deliver any detail. SMS is the most no-fuss communication platform. It doesn’t need a good internet connection or a smartphone. By this SMS technique, your approach will be going universal. Texting during an event can be done to announce the next speakers or activities.

Texting improves the attendee’s attendance, as they stay informed. Be grateful and send grateful texts to your participants. It will leave a kind gesture to your attendees and will give a nice closing to your event.

Use a mobile app

Mobile apps play a significant role in engaging your attendees. Rather than using social media and SMS individually, mobile apps connect all of this in one centralized spot. With the help of a mobile app you can easily create an activity feed. This lets attendees interact with each other. Networking can be done by mobile apps. It helps the coordinator to share important information and keep up the participant interaction before and between the events. Due to mobile apps agendas can be created. Instead of using a site or print an agenda, mobile apps are way better to use for the participant to decide which activities they want to participate. Participants can bookmark the events they want to attend and create a customized event schedule with the help of the app.


Business events can get dull and boring but by adding a game element to your event and make it fun. Participants enjoy gaming and free stuff. Make the participants compete, offer the prize to the ones who will get most responses over event-related posts on Facebook.

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