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English is one of the most spoken languages in the history of mankind and when the language spoke among the nations it absorbs different meanings, uses, and dialects and even borrow words from the neighbor languages. Sometimes even the name of product, city, personality etc. replace the actual meaning of that word.

One of the words which got affected by the global status of English and started to be used in different meanings is “Heckler”.

If we take a look at a different uses of the word we can summarize it as follows:

1)  Heckler – An irritating guy:

Heckler is mainly used for a guy who interrupts public speakers such as, celebrities, famous personalities, politicians, influencers etc. By criticizing them with loud noises, shouts and insults.

They often happen to misbehave and disrespect the person who is addressing the gathering by throwing challenges, jokes, sarcasms, and taunts to him while irritating the public at the same time. They often considered as harasser who tries to disconnect the engagement between the audience and the speaker.

Use in sentence:

“Large number of protesters were heckling the speaker at rally.”

The use of heckler is nor reserved against the Speakers but it’s also used in the context of fans and their stars when they irritate them in a same manners. For examples:
The football players were heckled by their fans.

2)  Heckler the Movie:

A documentary movie, featuring famous American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and television producer Jamie Kennedy, was released in 2008 and directed by Michael Addis. The movie was based on the same topic of heckling where candid talks took place between the celebrities and their biggest critics on one-on-one format this documentary investigates why the dynamics between critics, fans and artists has become increasingly antagonistic. The movie was released way before it was needed. It’s the need of today’s time where online heckling is increasing day by day which can be easily noticed on any social media platform under celebrities’ posts which cause them depression and sometimes to the dangerous conclusions.

3) Heckler and Koch:

Heckler and Koch is a German weapons manufacturing company. Known for its production of handguns, rifles, sub machine guns, and grenade launchersThe company is situated in German state of Baden-Württemberg, and also has sub-branches in the United Kingdom, France and the United States. It was founded in 1949 and earns an estimated revenue of more than 220 million Euros per year.

4) Heckler an iPad stand:

Heckler is also the name of some stand used for carrying or placing an iPad, tablet or similar devices. It’s made up of laser-cut steel and very beneficial to use especially if you want to fix your device on a table safely to watch or monitor it for long.

Why we are discussing it?

Because when we Google this word or on any other search engine many times it comes up with the unwanted result and confuses us, so it’s better to keep updated about the modern vocabulary and variation in meanings.

People also search for “Heckler vs. Celebrity Videos” as to get pleased with the come backs of speakers sometimes or to get amused with the insult of the speaker who is not with their idea or ideology.

Synonyms of Heckler:

  • dissident
  • militant
  • radical
  • rebel
  • agitator