Personal computers have changed spectacularly over the last few years. Desktops have not completely disappeared, but are replaced by laptops. Laptops aren’t safe anymore as they are also being threatened by iPads/tablets. All these devices are computers with good functionality, but they have different priorities. Considerable domain of laptop and desktop is productivity while iPads are substantial consumption devices. IPad is just a consumption device or it can also be as productive as a laptop/desktop? In order to find out we conducted a survey & found that iPad has become more capable and it is improving every single year. Experts stated that iPad’s processing power has increased and it is becoming versatile. So, are we ready to trench PC and replace it with an iPad? Let’s look at the areas where iPad has suppressed PCs.

 Safety & Security

Wondering how come security feature is on the top? It would be quite shocking for you to know that iPad is comparatively safer than the PC. Virus hardly hit an IPad because of its self-protective architecture. The architecture of an iPad puts wall around each app that stops the virus from hitting the device and spreading. Additionally, it isn’t easy to get malware on an iPad; its defensive architecture stops it from entering into the device. If, for instance, malware find its way and get through, there are inbuilt features that wipe out all the malware remotely.

Most importantly, when compared with PC, an iPad gives number of efficient ways to secure the device and data. The Find My iPad feature enables you to track your device if misplaced or stolen. Also the access to data and device is much easier and quicker with touch ID fingerprint sensor on iPad.


The cost of an iPad & desktop is almost same, you can get the device at $270, however if you need something powerful, you need to pay between $400 to $600. The initial purchase of iPads and PCs is same, but the cost of a laptop or an iPad goes up because of the software installation & update. PC doesn’t do a lot, it can help you browse, but if you want to play games, balance your budget, or write term paper, you possibly need to purchase some software which is definitely not going to be cheap. On average, the software price on the PC range between $10 & $50 or more, the famous Microsoft Office cost you $99/year. Although Microsoft Office is more powerful as compared to iWork suite, but iWork is actually up to the task for most people. Its price is probably $30 or more, which makes it more cost effective. In addition to software cost, people opting for windows need to pay for virus protection. Although windows comes with windows protector, but it still needs added protection from MacAfee, Norton or others whereas iPad doesn’t need such type of protection because of its self protecting infrastructure.


Roughly, the processor of iPad Pro is equivalent to i5 which means it is a mid level processor when compared to Intel. However, mid level process of iPad makes it much faster when compared to bargain basement laptops we see on sale and approximately equal to the PCs we find on sale. You need to spend around $1000 to get pure performance of PC whereas you can beat the real world performance in much less. As compared to iOS, windows & MAC OS have small footprints, it means, it is always going to seem better & faster.


An iPad doesn’t only come with efficient and cost effective software, but it also includes features that you will not find in PCs. In addition to Touch ID finger Print & Apple Store, an iPad also has fairly good camera. Furthermore, iPad with 4g LTE capabilities is good advantage over an ordinary laptop. iPad is described as enemy of distraction…When compared to PC/laptop, iPad is more mobile & this is its one of the key selling point.

Huge App Selection

While using a PC, you need to take care of lots of things. For instance not properly shut downing or rebooting the PC may plague it. However, iPad doesn’t come with all these problems. An iPad may eventually become slow, but a simple reboot can resolve all the issues. IPads gestures are more intuitive and natural as compared to PC, also it doesn’t allow apps to self load at startup therefore there isn’t any performance degradation. The simplicity in the usage help iPads keep bug free and in good working condition.

The iCloud, Time Machine, and style

 Not everybody choose to back up their hard drives. However time Machine by Apple makes it simple and elegant to hook up a drive and turn time machine on. It is not only a backup, but it give you chance to find a document that you deleted. Furthermore, Apple back up using iCloud, it is something highly used and appreciated by people.

User Friendly

iPad Pro is described as ultimate machine that can replace PC. IPad pro advertisement claims that it can do everything laptop o pc could do. As compared to keyboards, touch screens are definitely more user friendly. In addition, it has fast switching & increased mobility which enable us to take it anywhere; even a small kid can handle it easily. Thanks to easy portability & user friendly interface, iPads have become really popular. IPad is actually worth a try!