Whether it’s your college event, a concert night or office’s annual award ceremony, the success of every event depends on the hype created about it.  The more you buzz about it, the better are the chances of making it successful. Gone are the days when people used to travel to far off places to let others know about any particular event, be it a small or a huge one. The world is now digital and everything including our lives and events associated to them evolve around digital resources. In this age it is way too easier to create buzz about your events by simply using some best event Apps.

As per the survey conducted recently, 80% of the event promoters and event managers opt for social media to create awareness about their coming events. Digital marketing has brought to us various options that has completely changed the way we do our things. Among all those digital methods and options, the usage of mobile event applications has completely changed the game.

We have created a handy-dandy list of 6 ways branded event apps can benefit your event

1.    Create hype about your event

These mobile event apps and event tablet apps are straightly targeted to increase the number of attendees for your event. How do these application work? The mechanism is quite simple. You are required to download these applications in your phone and follow the given guidelines. Create the date and venue of your event and there you go. Invite maximum number of attendees in your circle. Create excitement among them, a good content can be really helpful to excite them. Share interesting and engaging content about your event. The engaging content maybe composed of interviews with performers, clips of back stage performances, important announcements and updates.

2.    Help your attendees plan a visit

If an event like musical night, art festival or awareness program is going to take place at different locations or on various dates then it’s preferable to provide location maps and listings to your potential attendees. You can also encourage them to plan a visit at their convenience. This will not only help increase the number of attendees in your event but it will also be convenient for you to find out which venue or date attracted maximum number of attendees.

3.    Professional or social networking

In case the event you are planning is suitable for professional or social networking then the usage of mobile applications will do wonders for your event. The potential attendees are looking forward to networking but the chances are limited to them and you are at the risk of losing them. These limitations will dissatisfy them and we all know that a dissatisfied customer is like a negative review. An application with networking facility will help your attendees use your event tech application event after the end of the event


4.    Healthy and long term relationships with them.

Maintaining a healthy and long term relationship with your attendees play a prominent role in customer retention. Keep yourself in touch with your attendees even when the event is over. For instance, if you have arranged a public event for the promotion of your movie or musical album but majority of your followers couldn’t attend it. You can still sell the DVDs and CDs through event app for smart phones.

5.    Generating personalized experience

According to a survey, approximately 70% of the consumers prefer personalized experience. The attendees of any event expect the event promoter to provide them with the personalized experience. They want to choose and pick locations and activities as per their suitability. Make sure to allow them to make choices.

6.    Make the best use of today’s technology

We all can agree to the fact that smartphones are doing great business these days. A smart use of these mobile phones can help you beat the competitor if you simply become adept to it. Keeping yourself a step ahead always serves fruitful results. Don’t wait your competitors to make the most out of today’s technology. Lucky are those who are always willing to jump on the opportunities and make the best use of latest event tech applications. These event apps for tradeshow offer you unlimited opportunities to make your event marketing more efficient and high-volume.